Bobtail/Deadhead Insurance Overview

“Deadhead” refers to the operation of a truck-tractor with an attached empty trailer.  “Bobtail” refers to the non-business activities of operating a truck-tractor without a trailer attached, whereas “deadhead” involves a truck-tractor pulling an empty trailer in a non-business activity.

This coverage protects against bodily injury or property damage that might be caused while moving a power unit without an attached trailer, this is commonly needed for those that are doing power only or hauling under someone else’s authority. Although, many client’s do request it, this coverage is just to move power only units or to utilize the unit for personal use.

Additional Coverage Considerations

For example, a delivery route may take a trucker out of state, leaving the trailer behind. The trucker must then travel hundreds of miles back to their home station with no trailer attached and no merchandise. This situation is called bobtailing.

*It is required that you purchase physical damage coverage along with Bobtail/Deadhead coverage.